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How does Gate Pass System Works?

So, let’s explain the complete End to End process from Enrolling, Inviting, and Approving the Guest.

(We are considering this situation with Estate Manager; Also the Society Committee or Association Member can handle the account by Themselves too if there is No Estate Manger)

Initial Setup

  1. Choose the desired plan and make payment.
  2. Share the Society Name, Phone Number, Email id & Address so that we can generate Admin Account and Society Ref Code (Ex. ZCS001). The Ref Code is shared to all the Residents so that they can use it during the initial Sign-up Process.
  3. Now Estate Manager Login to the Admin Account and generates the Flats ID (A101, B201…etc) by login in to the portal.

Resident Signup

  1. Users download the Gate Pass – User app from Google play store and install it on their phone.
  2. Resident needs to Sing-Up using the Ref Code shared by Estate Manager. Once they entry Ref Code, they can see the complete list of Flats and they can enroll themselves to the desired flat.
  3. Estate Manger needs to Verify the Flat and Resident details and approve the Resident.
  4. Once Approved resident login & can Invite Guest and Share the QR Code via whatsapp, message, email, messenger, facebook, skype…etc

Security Team

  1. Estate Manager needs to create Security Guard accounts.
  2. Security guards needs to download the Gate Pass – Guard from Google play store and install it on their phone.
  3. Now Security Guard/ Supervisor can login to their Guard App using the credentials share by Estate Manager


  1. Once the visitor/ guest comes they can either Scan the QR Code that they got via whatsapp, message, email, messenger, facebook, skype…etc to the Guard App or Enter the Pass code and can Entry the premises.

Unknown Visitor Entry

  1. When a Visitor/ Guest comes without Prior Invite from Resident, then the Guard/ Supervisor take the picture of the Visitor/ Guest and enter the details in app and the same is notified to the respective Flat Resident and once the Resident Approve he will be sent inside or Deny Entry if the Resident Reject the Request.

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